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Tim Carter

Pastor Tim Carter

Pastor Tim has a blog, he prefers to call a BEAM and has written and published over 550 articles there.

Public Think Tank of Timothy Grant Carter

Tim has authored a book, Positive times Positive equals Unlimited in 2014. It is available on Amazon.

BIO: Born June 23, 1959 – Tim and his wife Dawn have a blended family of 6 children, all grown ranging from 30-37. Tim has traveled extensively. He is a recorded Quaker Minister, through the Wilmington yearly meeting. Tim is an experienced public speaker and has had a long career, in sales & sales management.

Tim is an active outdoorsman, teaches karate and runs a local business in Thomasville, NC. Tim has an active social media presence. On Tim’s Twitter account of over 50,000 followers. He publishes daily inspirational material tagged as “Slamism.” His marketplace nickname is “Slam”. A nickname given him by a college friend, Steve Gutzler, 45 years ago. He empowers others with Original sayings and visionary and faith-filled insight. He never mentions political views. His focus is entirely to bring people to Jesus. And he shares to both right and left.

Tim has known of his pastoral call since childhood. He likes to preach like a frog likes to jump, or a bird likes to sing. It is intrinsic to his nature to do so. He has a Shepherd’s heart and cares deeply for the meeting.

Tim is a topical preacher and normally references many Biblical passages in his messages. He loves to motivate, encourage, enrich, lift, enhance, elevate, and inspire the lives of others. He gets great joy out of blessing and uplifting. While, his sermons do offer instruction, insight and practical faith-based knowledge, he is not known for judgemental messages. His conviction is that if he brings you to Christ, then Christ will faithfully guide your values.